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25 May, 2016

CCC Exam. Video+Study Material+MCQ Test संपूर्ण मटेरियल

Online video course for CCC Exam. Video+Study Material+MCQ Test


Reading Material5 Chapters with 48 Pages
Video Material9 Chapters with 84 Videos

Chapter1 Computer

Chapter2 Frequently Asked Questions(Notepad video)

Chapter3 કોમ્પુટર મેમરી

Chapter4 ઓપરેટીંગ સીસ્ટમ Windows XP

Chapter5 Ch-1 (કોમ્પુટર નો ઇતિહાસ)

Chapter6 Ch-2 (કોમ્પુટર નીં કાર્યપ્રણાલી તથા તેના મુખ્ય ભાગો)

Chapter7 Frequently Asked Questions(Paint video)

Chapter8 Microsoft Word

Chapter9 ch-8(કમ્પ્યુટર વાયરસ)
& 4 More...
Daily Online Test33 Practice Test

Test 1 computer Parichay (ch 1) test-1

Test 2 computer Parichay (ch 1) test-2

Test 3 Operating System (ch 4) test-1

Test 4 Operating System (ch 4) test-2

Test 5 Operating System (ch 4) test-3

Test 6 Operating System (ch 4) test-4

Test 7 Memory (ch 3) test

Test 8 Microsoft Excel( Test-1)

Test 9 Microsoft Excel( Test-2)

Test 10 Microsoft Excel( Test-3)

Test 11 Microsoft Excel( Test-4)

Test 12 Microsoft Office Powerpoint( Test-1)

Test 13 Microsoft Office Powerpoint( Test-2)

Test 14 Computer network and internet-test-1

Test 15 Computer network and internet-test-1

Test 16 Computer network and internet-test-1

Test 17 Computer network and internet-test-1

Test 18 ccc -Day-5

Test 19 Microsoft word-(Test-1)

Test 20 Microsoft Word-(Test-2)

Test 21 Microsoft Word-(Test-3)

Test 22 Microsoft Word-(Test-4)

Test 23 Operating System(ch-4)test-3

Test 24 CCC(Test-1)

Test 25 ccc(Test-2)

Test 26 ccc(Test-3)

Test 27 ccc(Test-4)

Test 28 ccc(Test-5)

Test 29 ccc(Test-6)

Test 30 ccc(Test-7)

Test 31 ccc(Test-8)

Test 32 ccc(Test-9)

Test 33 ccc (Test-10)

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