Current Affairs Date 24/02/2017 By Jobguj.org

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Current Affairs Date 24/02/2017 By Jobguj.org
As you know that current affairs is a main part of any exams. There are minimum  4 to 5 questions based on current affairs in any competitive exams. So we have to know all the latest current affairs from local, national and international. Our Jobguj.org team is providing all kind of most important daily current affairs.Highlight of  Today:
  • Vadodara’s Kamal Rana made  a 63-foot long Fire painting for Guinness Record.
  • Indian government launched India QR Code for  promote cashless transaction.
  • RS..8100 Crore Will be invest  to set up a new 50 solarapark in country.
In current affairs there are two words, 1.current means recent, day to day life and 2. Affairs means events or issues. Current and affairs come together to give an interesting name to a subject of study. Download  Current Affairs from below Link. 

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