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TET 1 Exam Online video lecture.TET 1 Material.Online Test


Reading Material82 Chapters with 723 Pages

Chapter1 English(Close Test)

Chapter2 Social Science(Pruthvi)

Chapter3 Social Science (sarkar)

Chapter4 Rarajupt Yug

Chapter5 ઉત્પાદન ખર્ચ અને આવકના ખ્યાલો

Chapter6 Social Science (Suvern Yug)

Chapter7 Social Science (Dilli Darshan)

Chapter8 Social Science(Bharat ni Aabohava)

Chapter9 Social Science (Mugal Samrajya)

Chapter10 Social Science(Be Maharajyo)

Chapter11 Maths(Percentage)

Chapter12 English(synonyms&Antonyms)

Chapter13 Maths(Decimal Friction)

Chapter14 English (Idiom Phrase)

Chapter15 Maths (HCF & LCM)

Chapter16 Maths (Profit & Loss)

Chapter17 Maths(Ghat Ane Ghatank)

Chapter18 Maths(Average)

Chapter19 Maths(Decimal Friction)

Chapter20 Ishvar Sathe Anurag

Chapter21 Madhyakalin Sthapatyo

Chapter22 Bharatanu Lokajivan

Chapter23 Economic (Bharat ma Vasti )

Chapter24 Economic (Bharat ma Garibi )

Chapter25 Economic (Bharat ma Berojagari )

Chapter26 Economic (Bharatiy Arthatantra ma Udbhavata Prashno)

Chapter27 Economic (Shaherikaran )

Chapter28 Economic (Bharat ma Krushikshetra)

Chapter29 Economic (Bhavvadharo ane Grahak jagruti)

Chapter30 G K (A P J KALAM)

Chapter31 Social Science (Bharat ma Krushi)

Chapter32 Social Science (Khanij Sansadhano)

Chapter33 Kudarati Sansadhano

Chapter34 Social Science(Madyakalin sthapatyo)

Chapter35 Psychology (Bal vikas na Siddhanto)

Chapter36 Economic(Aantaramalakhu)

Chapter37 Social Science(Saktina Sansadhano)

Chapter38 Social Science (Samajik Parivartan)

Chapter39 Social Science (Bhartma Vigyan ane tecnology)

Chapter40 Social Science (Vanspati Ane Vanyjivan)

Chapter41 Science

Chapter42 English(One Word Substitution)

Chapter43 Gujarati(Samas)

Chapter44 Logic(Analogy)

Chapter45 English(Active-Passive Voice)

Chapter46 Gujarati (Alankar)

Chapter47 English(Modal Auxilaries)

Chapter48 GK(Abhyaran)

Chapter49 ગુજરાતી(સર્જકો અને કૃતિઓ)

Chapter50 ગુજરાતી(વિરામચિહ્ન)

Chapter51 Economic (Bhavvadharo ane Grahak jagruti)

Chapter52 GK(Khanijo)

Chapter53 English(Present Tense)

Chapter54 English(Future Tense)

Chapter55 English(Past Tense)

Chapter56 GK(Gujarat nu Bhupust ane Abohava)

Chapter57 Gk(Jamin)

Chapter58 Gk(Sinchai)

Chapter59 GK(Krushi , Vanspati ane Pashu Sampati)

Chapter60 GK(Audhogik Vikas)

Chapter61 ગુજરાતી (વાક્ય શુદ્ધિ)

Chapter62 English(Adverb)

Chapter63 English (Adverb)

Chapter64 English (Artical)

Chapter65 English(Conjuction)

Chapter66 English (Introgetive Pronoun)

Chapter67 English (Noun)

Chapter68 English (Pronoun)

Chapter69 English(Subject Verb Agreement)

Chapter70 English (Infinetive & Gerund)

Chapter71 English (Preposition)

Chapter72 Maths(Simplification)

Chapter73 English (Adjective)

Chapter74 Gujarati (Kriyapad)

Chapter75 Gujarati (Krudant)

Chapter76 Gujarati (Sangnya)

Chapter77 Gujarati (Sarvanam)

Chapter78 Gujarati (Vibhakti)

Chapter79 Gujarati (Vishesan)

Chapter80 Gujarati(chhand)

Chapter81 Gujarati(Sahityakar ane Panktio)

Chapter82 Current Affairs
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Video Material84 Chapters with 641 Videos

Chapter1 Gujarati(Sahitykar ane Panktio)

Chapter2 English (Idiom Phrase)

Chapter3 English(One Word Substitution)

Chapter4 Maths ( HCF & LCM)

Chapter5 Maths ( Profit and Loss)

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